Excerpt from Suburban Task Force by Addison Towne:
We move like night stalkers down the hall, using our hands to feel the way, all the while trying to keep our
breathing in check. This is not an easy task. With every breath of air I feel a burning in my lungs. Like someone’s
inside my body, punching me from the inside, reminding me that I’m alive and crazy at that. I guess this is what they
call adrenaline. You don’t tend to get the same effect by doing a Cindy Crawford workout tape.
“Okay so that means if we take out 15 guys each, we’re good to go!” Suzie says enthusiastically.
“Are you guy’s crazy?” I whisper loudly. We can’t take out 50 trained soldiers! All we did was go on one selfdefense
weekend! We’re not trained for this! We’re not trained for anything unless you consider shoe shopping a
sport. You can’t be serious?”
“What? You think we’ll be killed so easily?” Chloe asks me.
“They have our husbands,” Suzie says solemnly.
“Okay, so what’s the plan then? We save our husbands and leave everyone else behind?” I ask with outrage.
“It has to be all or nothing you guys,” I say standing up. “We have to take them all or we have to try and get off this
island so we can notify someone qualified as to what’s going on here.” I finish and start to check out our new gear.
“That’s easy then, we take them all!” Suzie says standing up as well.
“Take them all and make em’ hurt for trying!” Chloe joins in.
“Um, okay, can someone please direct me to the sanity section of this little pow wow because I was pretty sure
you guys were going to go for the other option?”
They both shake their heads.
“So I have to be the rational one here? Be the one to come up with examples of why trying this rescue mission
on our own is an incredibly bad idea and all. Like being around for your kids, or simply coming home from this island
alive!” I look them dead in the eye waiting for them to give, but I get no response.
“Fine then, what the heck. I feel a little crazy, wasn’t diggin’ the good life too much, so I guess we find a way to
take them all!” I say with total sarcasm.
“We’re like the Suburban Task Force you guys,” Suzie says.
“Yeah, they don’t know what they’ve gotten themselves into!” Chloe chants.
“If we can deal with snooty neighbors, traffic nightmares, screaming kids, and crabby husbands all while trying
to look good and stay in shape, well then they’ve got another thing coming!” I say and put my hand in the air and we
high five because in this situation it’s oh so cool.

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