About Addison

Addison Towne was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Her background in television, film and marketing gave her the motivation and passion to write Suburban Task Force. As a entrepreneur she has spent the last ten years developing brands and products that have earned her awards and recognition ranging from a television Emmy to a CEO of the year Women Making a Difference nod. You can reach her via email at AddisonTowne@gmail.com or through our Contact Form.

She is currently working on the next Suburban Task Force series and looks forward to reader input.

Q: How can I get an autographed book by Addison Towne?
A: Hard Copies will be available soon on Amazon.com

Q: Will any of Addison Towne’s novels be made into movies?
A: Addison has received several offers from Hollywood for the screen rights to the Suburban Task Force series. She is considering these offers and entering negotiations with film production companies.