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Addison’s blog is where she will keep you updated on the progress of her new novels, stories about the characters and ask for you the reader to give her feedback on the characters and their adventures.

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  1. Jackie Paulson Says:

    I love to do book reviews on my site. two years doing it, if you ever need someone to read your books, I am here and I post to Amazon and 5+ other sites.

  2. dana white Says:

    I just finished your book on kindle last night. Actually it was so good I finished it in a day. It kept me in stitches. When will the Jade book be out I cant wait read what she does next? I’ll be the first in liine to get a copy. Keep us laughing please.

    (Suburban task force)
    Your fan for life
    Dana White

  3. Addison Says:

    Hi Jackie! I thank you for the offer to review. Please send me your email address and we can discuss more.

    Thank you!

  4. Addison Says:

    Thank you Dana! I sincerely appreciate the kind words. I hope to have the next in the series ready for the end of the year holidays! I will keep you up to date.
    Thanks again

  5. Addison Says:

    Here it is! The first look at the cover and synopsis of the Suburban Task Force (STF) sequel
    ‘On Vacation’
    Please check out Books by Addison Towne

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