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Always ready to travel!

My name is Chloe and I am 33. Appearance wise, I am about 5’3” with blond curly hair, brown eyes and a fabulously muscular build which is a genetic blessing because I have an aversion to diet and exercise. I was raised in Germany. My mother is African American from Louisiana and my father is white French. Fun mix huh! I am fluent in both German and French. I admit I love to drink, and smoke and I don’t believe in anything “light.” Butter, cheese, and crèmes are things I have daily, along with two double espressos and a Red Bull or two.
I have two kids and have been married for ten years. I am constantly doing something; cooking, setting up electronic giz-mos, cleaning, organizing, dealing with her children; all of which I believe is why I never needs to exercise to maintain a healthy weight.
I am lucky, what can I say. Go ahead and hate me.
More importantly, help me pick out my attire for my closet. I love LV and anything print. Jade is the more subtle dresser, I like LOUD!

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