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Jade Lydell

Jade doing what she loves…shopping

” My name is Jade Lydell. I am a little over 5‘6”. I have blondish brown hair which I wear straight and long, blue eyes and although I’m not thin, my height helps me appear slender. Austin, my husband, and I have been married for two years. We don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure we’ll consider them soon enough. I used to tell people that I’d used up all of my maternal instincts on my Barbie dolls; that by 12 years old I’d already raised five girls, all of whom I’d helped to have fabulous hairdos, amazing wardrobes, spa vacations, a red convertible and many resolved dating issues with Ken. But I guess in the long run that doesn’t really count.
I am diet everything. Diet coke, light cream cheese, no cheese, light mayo, light ice cream – you get the point. I try to work out every day and watch what I eat but if I don’t do some-thing active, the weight tends to creep on. I’m definitely not one of those blessed metabolism people that we all love to hate, but I’m hoping I come back in my next life as one!
I’m also a big sleeper. I’m not lazy per se, but I am one of those people who has no problem just ‘relaxing.’ I love to read spy novels, and I am a huge movie fanatic. If something isn’t being blown up on screen then it is absolutely pointless for me to watch. My life is real enough that I don’t need to be reminded of heartbreak, or job loss, or the everyday realities that we all endure. The movies are for bliss, and bliss to me is seeing large things explode…again, just call me crazy.
Yes, I drink and but I don’t do so well with the caffeine thing. Hence it’s no coffee or energy drinks for me – they make me ill and yet seem to be saving me around two to three bucks a day. Sometimes a girl just lucks out.
Socially, I am a bit shy… my strong point is more in the creative side and sales, oh, and shopping!”
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