Typically I would write something witty or at the very least informative about my book, but today you will have to forgive me.

This post will not be about what my characters have in their closets, nor whom would play them in the movie version of my book (which by the way is in the works), but today, this guest post will be about my most recent wake up followed by a huge thank you.

It was a year ago this week that my grandmother passed away.  Today as I write this, I am sitting in the hospital while my father goes through his second round of chemo.  If my sons’ birthday were not this weekend I would happily bury the month of October forever.

On the one hand I am sad, distracted and unfocused.  On the other, I find myself with hours at a time where I can sit and write and accomplish my daily word count goals.  Writing has become not only my guilty pleasure; allowing an escape from reality but my release of the days stress and sadness.

Suburban Task Force was written for and about women finding their inner strength, their renewed love for their families and friends, and a blow you away reminder that everyday should be cherished.

As I near completion on the series sequel I find myself re inspired.  New characters are abound in an exciting journey to find their strength from within.  I am in love with this new empowered crew that has joined Jade on her next adventure.

This month, (and the Jade Lydell series), while it may not seem like it on the surface, has been my salvation.  It has been a true eye opener to remember to say I love you to someone everyday, to say thank you to strangers, to look beyond what you think you can be.

I had a vision when I originally set out to write the sequel of Suburban Task Force and everything changed along the way.  I took it as an ironic life lesson from my own book.  We have to learn to adapt, and use what we have at our disposal to ‘save the day.’

I hope you enjoy Suburban Task Force as well as the upcoming sequels.  Most importantly, I want to thank you for being a part of this journey with me and for allowing me to share stories of female empowerment to any and all of those who may need it.  Women are my inspiration.  Life is our opportunity.  Now go kick some butt!



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